The Agency

The Promotion Group have over 20 years experience delivering promotional campaigns for the World’s leading brands and agencies. It is our goal to offer our clients…

“a one stop shop for their promotional marketing needs”

The Promotion Group has two key offerings:

  • TPG Live
  • TPG Promotions


What we offer



Experiential Marketing?

Experiential marketing is a hybrid of field marketing, shop floor product promotion techniques, e.g. sampling, merchandising and point of sale offers…

The objective of experiential marketing is not only to sell more product, but also engage a target audience with the ‘personality’ of the brand through experiencing it.


TPG Live

At TPG Live we believe in the power of experiential marketing as an effective tool for bringing consumer and brand closer together. When executed well experiential marketing delivers:

  • Live and engaging representation of the brand.
  • Targeted marketing with less wastage.
  • Drive to purchase opportunities.
  • A personal form of marketing.
  • Easily quantifiable results.
  • Opportunity to speak to consumer face-to-face.
  • Memorable connection with brand.
  • Vast PR opportunities.
  • Fantastic ROI.



Every forum is now seen as a canvas for activating a range of campaigns. We have vast experience operating in a wide range of environments including:

Exhibitions Airports
Train Stations Universities
Shopping Centres City Centres
Outdoor Events Bars
TEGs Cinemas


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